F1 announce Spanish GP launch date for streaming service

Formula 1 has announced that its new streaming service, F1 TV, will launch at the Spanish Grand Prix in May.

The subscription video program is currently being tested in a beta version “to a small subset of fans for viewing and testing” at this weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix as well as the following Azerbaijan GP before its official roll out for Barcelona.

Video services NBC Playmaker, iStreamPlanet, CSG, and Ostmodern will join Tata Communications to produce what is being dubbed F1’s biggest digital investment to date.

F1 TV will be available to fans on two price levels, with F1 TV Pro, the premium option featuring live races, all 20 onboard cameras, app customisation as well as additional feeds like live practice and qualifying sessions along with press conferences and pre- and post-race interviews.

The less expensive non-live subscription tier titled F1 TV Access will provide live timing, radio broadcasts, highlights packages and access to historic archive video content.

At launch, F1 TV Access will be available on a near-global basis designed to compliment F1 TV Pro, receiving updates accordingly throughout the season.

Initially, the programs will launch on desktop before being introduced to the Apple, Android and Amazon Fire mobile and tablet platforms ‘shortly thereafter’.

Later on, F1 TV will also roll out on Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV, with pricing offered on an annual basis.

Payment and identity processing of F1 TV will be managed by CSG, while Ostmodern will deliver the the web and app products with the F1 TV content distributed by Formula 1’s connectivity provider, Tata Communications.