Macau GT race red flagged after catastrophic pile up


The FIA GT World Cup Macau Grand Prix Qualification race has been red flagged after an enormous pile up on the opening lap involving almost the entire field.

In total, 16 cars were caught up in the collision at Police bend, which is one of the tightest stretches on the 6.120 km circuit.

The incident was caused when the fourth placed AMG of Daniel Juncadella became wedged in the tyre barrier, effectively blocking the road on the exit of the corner.

The pursuing Raffaele Marciello managed to squeeze past the crashed Mercedes, but an unsighted Laurens Vanthoor wasn’t as lucky, and piled into Juncadella’s stationary car, ultimately blocking the road.

The rest of the incident was a chain reaction, as car after car slammed into one another.

“I was behind Marciello¬†and we were coming up to the corner,” said Vanthoor.

“It’s the tightest part of the track and I was [on] his bumper.

“All of a sudden I see him braking more, going down the side.

“The next thing I saw was a car sitting and there was no place for me to go, afterwards it was a chain reaction.”