Evans laments costly championship mistake at Highlands


Jaxon Evans has held his hands up for the championship ending crash which ruled he and co-driver Tim Miles out of contention for the Australian Endurance Championship at Highlands Motorsport Park.

Evans was running second in the latter stages of the race aboard the Jamec Pem Audi and looked on course to take out the title in his current position.

However, on Lap 97, he carried too much speed into the Bus Stop chicane and clobbered the Turn 4 kerb, sending the car sideways and into the outside wall at the Southern Loop.

After the impact, Evans continued on and managed to crawl his way to the esses, before the left rear wheel came loose as a result of a broken rim from the crash, and he pulled the Audi off the road.

“I was comfortable in the car and I was just sort of pushing on, maybe a bit too hard in hindsight,” said Evans.

“I carried a little bit too much speed through the Bus Stop chicane and caught the kerb on the way out. I couldn’t hang onto the car and put it into the wall and ended our race.

“I can’t begin to explain how sorry I am for Tim [Miles] and the team. We’ve worked so hard all year and unfortunately we didn’t come away with the result we wanted today.”

Once the damaged Audi was recovered to the pit lane on the back of a flat-bed, the team got straight to work and began repairing the car.

Their efforts proved fruitless, as they pushed the bruised but mended Audi back into pit lane, with the engine dashing all hopes, as it would not refire.

“Once I got back into pit lane, they [the team] got straight into work and actually got the car rolling and were pushing me back out into pit lane. And then unfortunately the car wouldn’t fire,” added Evans.

“So we knew if we could get back out and just circulate, we would’ve maybe been able to clinch the championship. But it just wasn’t to be.

“I was just gutted. I couldn’t say sorry enough. It’s just a sour way to end the whole year.

“While it’s not the result we wanted, we’ll just learn from it and move on.”

The non-classification meant Evans and Miles were pushed to second place in the championship standings, scoring only 12 points in the Highlands finale, while Peter Hackett and Dominic Storey took out the title after finishing sixth in the race.