FIA reveal 2018 F2 car with Halo

Formula 2 have pulled the covers off its 2018 car design, following in the foot paths of Formula One with a Halo cockpit set to debut.

The new car, which will be called F2 2018 was shown off today in the paddock at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza.

The new F2 2018 will also feature changes underneath the hood that are almost as dramatic as the alterations on the outside.

The 2018 car will go from a 4.0L naturally-aspirated V8 in the current car, to a 3.4L turbo-charged Mecachrome V6 engine for next year.

The new engine will remarkably produce up to 620hp at 8750rpm and up to 600 Nm of torque.

To add to the Halo, other remodelled safety features on the car will include the Virtual Safety Car system, DRS, and some of the many additional electronics.

The 2018 car will also be 159mm longer as well as 25mm taller, but the length will remain the same as its predecessor.

For 2018, F2 will continue to use tyres supplied by Pirelli, but its wheel size is based on the 2016 F1 dimensions.

“I am very pleased to be able to present our new car for the next three-year cycle of the FIA Formula 2 Championship,” said FIA Formula 2 Championship CEO Bruno Michel.

“Our focus has always been on providing a powerful, safe and challenging car which will encourage overtaking, and thanks to the new aerodynamics package we believe this car will both enhance racing and provide even more entertainment for our fans.

“Our philosophy has always been to match this with cost control for the teams, and we believe the F2 2018 will continue to limit operational costs and provide an attractive package to our teams.

“Finally, and most importantly, the F2 2018 matches the very latest F1 safety standards: we have a strong track record on safety, and this was a principle focus during the design process.

“I believe that the F2 2018 is the right car for the next stage of our championship, while also providing a worthy race car for the final step of the motorsport ladder for our drivers hoping to achieve their ultimate ambition: a race seat in F1.”

The cars will continue to undergo vigorous testing before the end of 2017 after their first shakedown run at Magny-Cours back in July.

The first cars will be delivered in mid-January 2018 and the second next February.

Meanwhile the 2017 Formula 2 Championship reunites this weekend at Monza for Round 9 of the series.


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